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Important Notice:

If your protest deadline is fewer than 5 days away and you wish to complete the sign-up process using our website sign-up forms, you MUST also file the protest (meaning giving notice (letter or online), not building a case) with your local appraisal district either using their online protest option or sending a letter stating your intent to protest your property’s value.  Note: you are only filing the protest.  We will take over the process of building the case and working with your appraisal district.

If you send a letter, it must be postmarked on or before your protest deadline date.  The suggested format is shown below:

(Date the Letter)

Honorable Chairman
Appraisal Review Board
(Your County Appraisal District Mailing Address)

Please accept this letter as notice of over market value and/or equity protest on my property, (your property address).  I can be reached at (your phone number and/or email address) if you have any questions.

(Sign the letter)

Our sign-up process requires the signing of two documents: 1) Our Fee Agreement (review the 2022 Fee Agreement (.pdf)), and 2) the State of Texas Appointment of Agent for Property Tax Matters form 50-162 (review a sample Form 50-162(.pdf)).

Please review both of these documents prior to beginning the sign-up process which will gather the relevant information and then open the documents via DocuSign where you can sign the completed forms. Questions?  Please call 972-304-0909.

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